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Thao Hua
In General category - 3 Answer - about 2 day(s) ago
Quote How do I go about getting a Realtor or broker?
First time home buyer here. I'm working on gathering all the information I need to know in regards to buying a home. I have been told by friends/co-workers that I should get a Realtor or broker to work with me to find a home and get the best deal. I already am pre-approved for a certain amount, but I don't know how to move forward and get representation.
In Home Buying category - 9 Answer - about 3 day(s) ago
In General category - 5 Answer - about 13 day(s) ago
Quote Listing Status Question
Can anyone tell me what the exact rules are, if any, that agents are required to follow for updating statuses of properties on HAR?

I am an active investor, and am constantly looking at active listings.

I put offers on currently active properties, and am finding more and more that the properties are already under contract, or a few yesterday that I submitted, the properties were alr
In General category - 6 Answer - about 15 day(s) ago
Quote How I can buy home for cash anywhere in DC, MD, VA?
I want to buy homes for cash anywhere in DC, MD, VA at an affordable rate from a reliable person or reputed agency. Please advise how I should proceed.
In Home Buying category - 3 Answer - about 15 day(s) ago
Quote How to Buy House in Connecticut in a smooth and hassle free manner!
I have made up my mind to buy a house in Connecticut. I want to stay there with my friend and family. What can make the entire purchasing process completely smooth and hassle free.Should I seek the help of any agent or do it on my own. Please advice.
In Affordable Housing category - 5 Answer - about 20 day(s) ago
Jim Ferrer
In Education category - 5 Answer - about 23 day(s) ago

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