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Quote What is required for a room to be a bedroom?
I'm told a closet, window and door are needed in Texas. Does anyone have any information about the requirements of the window? Does it have to open? I would think so for safety reasons, but I'm touring a number of new luxury townhomes that have a door, closet and access to a bath on the first floor ... but the window in the room on the first floor is fixed. Can it be a bedroom / sleeping room with
In Home Buying category - 1 Answer - about 15 hour(s) ago
Quote Do Agents Disclose Bonuses / Incentives?
Is a Texas agent (whether a REALTOR or not) obligated to disclose to their buyer client the agent will be paid a bonus or incentive to sell a property (by the builder, etc.) If so, when is disclosure done --- before the viewing appt; during appt; etc. and are they obligated to disclose the amount of the incentive? If this is obligatory, what is the source ---ie is it part of the buyers agreement
In Home Buying category - 2 Answer - about 15 hour(s) ago
Quote Not being a realtor, what website can I go tofor working up a good faith estimate
I am considering buying a home and I would like to work up good faith estimate so that I can have an idea of what my payments will be. Is there a finance website that I can go to/
In Mortgage & Finance category - 5 Answer - about 2 day(s) ago
In General category - 2 Answer - about 7 day(s) ago
Quote Listing traffic report
View the traffic your property receives on HAR
In Home Marketing category - 2 Answer - about 7 day(s) ago
In General category - 4 Answer - about 7 day(s) ago
James Brown
Quote Bathtubs or walk-in showers?
More and more older homes are being remodeled without bathtubs in favor of large walk-in showers. Do you like this trend?
In Home Remodeling category - 6 Answer - about 9 day(s) ago
Quote Ready to purchase a home, but unsure if my current situation will make purchasing not an option
I would like to purchase a home in the Northwest part of Houston. (Cypress, Tomball, Spring, or area codes77064, 77065,77070 & 77095) I am browsing and leaning towards spending @$150,000-180,000 and have a down payment I can put towards the house of $50,000. My mother and I will be purchasing the home jointly. I have good work history, and income, but am lacking when it comes to credit. It is slig
In Mortgage & Finance category - 4 Answer - about 11 day(s) ago
Lil Zeplin
Quote Im trouble getting my house put on MLS, please help832-457-5657
I tried over two weeks ago to put my house on MLS to sell by owner. I tried again last night. I put photos and description, then what? Please call and walk me through 832-457-5657
In Home Buying category - 6 Answer - about 14 day(s) ago

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